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My Summer Queen

One Queen - One cheese - An unforgettable summer!

With the My Summer Queen concept, you can become the godfather or godmother of a Hérens cow in the Valais this summer. 


All you have to do is choose your alpine pasture and your Queen to have access to events, have a privileged relationship with your godchild and meet new people!

The alpine pastures

How it works


"Here is a great project to support a unique breed and a symbol of the Valais! A sponsorship that is animated throughout the summer in a playful way and that makes you want to visit your goddaughter in the mountain pastures! How can you resist going to meet this Valaisan heritage, passionate breeders, discovering a region, tasting local cheese... During an inalpe, a visit to the mountain pasture, a desalpe, sponsoring the Hérens breed is also sharing a convivial moment and experiencing a condensed version of the Valais DNA!”

Michaela / My Queen of the summer

They talk about us

Ils parlent de nous
Ils parlent de nous
Ils parlent de nous
Ils parlent de nous
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